Back to the nest...
This film is intensely personal to me. I have been a runner for about fifteen years. It’s become
an integral part of my day, both for the physical benefits and the mental ones. So this film is
important to me for three reasons:

1. My beloved mother passed away in 2012 and I firmly believe running was a big reason why
I could keep going. It centered me, it comforted me, and it provided me with an outlet for
myriad emotions. I had just turned 40 at the time, and I wondered if I'd ever have to stop
running and take up slightly calmer activities instead. I did a lot of research and found the
answer is simply: no. I found many stories about runners participating in marathons in their 80’
s, 90’s and, in one case,100’s. I flew to Florida and met some senior runners. I was blown
away by their tenacity, their energy, and their heart.  

2. I have always thought our country discounted older people. I was extremely close to my
grandmother (we called her Gaga) until she died at age 94. Gaga was a woman who bucked
convention from early on and continued to do so for the rest of her amazing life. I live in
Hollywood where ageism runs rampant. I want to combat that by showing older people
accomplish things many could never imagine they’re capable of doing.

3. We need HOPE. The election cycle has been brutal. 2016 itself was brutal. I want to put
something positive and inclusive out into the world. There is an African word, “Ubuntu”. It
means, “I am because we are.” I believe the happier and healthier we all strive to become, the
happier and healthier our world will be.
THE HUMAN RACE is an inspirational full-length documentary about
five runners, ages 50-90, as they each train for the biggest race of their
lives (5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon, and ultra-marathon,
respectively). As they prepare, we will see these athletes attempt to clear
every hurdle – literally and metaphorically. We’ll get to know their
colorful personalities and gain insight on how running has helped them
through various struggles
. For instance, one of the runners we met credits
running with helping him through the death of his wife. Another runner ran through
his battle with cancer. In our film, we will explore the ripple effect athleticism has
in our participants' lives, and we will support our pro-exercise stance by
providing interviews with top medical professionals, trainers, and coaches.

We need at least $100K to make this movie. We've raised some of the money, but need YOUR help.  
Please go to the
INDIEGOGO link below and help us bring this project to life.

Why do we feel that this is such an important message? According to the U.S
Census Bureau, 40.3 million Americans are age 65 and older. That number is
expected to more than double to 89 million by 2050. The skyrocketing costs of
health care are of huge concern to the country at large, but the older portion of our
population in particular. Harvard Business Review proposes that prevention
(exercise and diet) is "the key to both better health and lower health-care costs
over the long haul. This is where the nation — and each of us as individuals —
needs to put energy and resources. In the long run, it is more important than
addressing the high cost of new technologies and drugs or their inappropriate
overuse." Simply put (and study after study has show this): billions of dollars in
national health care costs could be saved if people exercised as often as
recommendations call for.

We hope this film will not only inspire people of ALL generations to get moving,
but will also show an often underestimated or ignored demographic in the fierce
light they deserve. We want to shake up the stereotypical views of aging. We
want to clear up the misconception that running is bad for knees and joints. We
want to help people learn how to stretch middle age into their 90's. We want to
help lower national health care costs. But our biggest goal? To prove to everyone
that it's never too late to start.
A Heartfelt message from Liz Vassy of:  CSI, The Tick & Riley Parra
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